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The Name Of 3rd Shadani Gaddisar Is Sain Takht Lal Sahib. He Was Born on 26 Badah 1783 At Mathelo Sindh.

Sain Takht Lal Sahib Got Birth By the Blessings Of Sain Shadaram Sahib, And also His Name was kept by Sain Shadaram Sahib. Because Sain Shadaram Sahib Has Knowlege That This Child Will be The Gaddiser Of Our Takht, So That Sain Shadaram Sahib Kept His name as "Takht Lal".

The Title Of "Hazoori" Was also Given to Sain Takht Lal Sahib By Sain Shadaram Sahib. The Reason Behind this Was That, Whenver Sain Shadaram Sahib Used To Call Him, So He Was replied As "Hazur Sain", For This Reason Sain Shadaram Sahib Titled Him As Takht Lal "Hazoori".

Sain Takht Lal Sahib sat On Shadani Gaddi In 1799 By the Age of 16 Years. He Used to Sell a Shop For Easy Life. The Name Of Sain Takht Lal Sahib's Wife Was "Parmeshwari Bai". Sain Takh Lal Sahib Had 3 Sons.

1): Yogeshwar Jesa Ram

2): Tansukh Ram

3): Chela Ram

Sain Takht Lal Sahib Gave the 2nd Life to Tansukh Ram. Sain Takht Lal Sahib Left This For Heavenly Adobe At Amratsar In 1839 At 4:00am By The Age Of 56 Years. Sain Takht Lal Sahib Kept On Sitting On Shadani Gaddi Sahib For 40 Years. Alongwith Sain Takht Lal Sahib, His Son Tansukh Ram, Bhai Gulabo Mal Citizen of Daharki And Some Other Followers Went to Hardwar. Sain Takht Lal Sahib Hazoori Told 4 Points to Sain Tansukh Ram Sahib, Before Leaving This World, They Are Mentioned Below:

1. Dont Let Yourself to be Fond Of Anything And Dont Let a Drop to Fall From Your Eye.

2. Always Consider Your Elder Brother Jesa Ram Of My Value.

3. Always Give Time And Work To Cows With Your Own Hands.

4. Always See In Equal Sight to All The People Either Rich Or Poor.

Sain Takht Lal Sahib Hazoori Worshiped And Sang Bhajans To Comfort All The People During The Midnight Of Wednesday And Thursday. After Ending The Worship, Sain Takht Lal Sahib Said To All The Sikhs Of Amritsar That Now I m Going To Leave My Dress. By Hearing These Words, The Sikhs Of Amratsar Said to Sain Takht Lal Sahib That Sain You Are So Beautiful And Mannerful Like Baba Guru Nanik Dev Ji. Please Let Us See Some Magic. Then Sain Takht Lal Sahib Hazoori Replied That Well ! After I leave This World, My Body will Be With You For Some More Time. And This Deed Was Also Seen By Tansukh Ram And Bhai Gulabo Ram

After Seeing This Deed Of Sain Takht Lal Sahib Hazoori, The Sikhs Of Amratsar Constructed A Samadhi Sahib In The Memory Of Sain Takht Lal Sahib At Amratsar Beside The Golden Temple, In The South Of Konsar Canal,In The West Of Baba Atal Rai's Samadhi Sahib.

Sain Tansukh Ram Sahib Went to Haridwar For Leaving The Bones Of Sain Takht Lal Sahib to River. Sain Takht Lal Sahib Always Worshiped To God By Singing The Bhajans And Sain Takht Lal Sahib Also Laid Down The Foundation Of Bhagats (Singers) In Sindh.

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