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The Name Of 7th Shadani Jot Is Sain Raja Ram Sahib. He Was Born in 1882 On The Event Of Gyaras In The Month Of Kartik at Guloo Pitafi Tehsil Mirpur Mathelo.

His Father's Name Was Bhai Jara Ram And Mother's Name Was Khemi Bai. At The Time Of His Birth, His Mother Saw Shiv Shanker Bhagwan. On The 6th Day Celebration Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib, A Brahaman Came to Their Home.

That Brahaman Saw An Spot In The Foot Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib Which was Given to Him By Shiv Shankar Bhagwan, So That Brahaman Told To Their Household People, That This Child Will Become a King In The Future So You Must Keep His Name As "Raja Ram".

You Have already Listened that  Sain Raja Ram Sahib's Wife Had Died. After That Sain Raja Ram  Sahib didn't married, but on the force of  People and Saints, Sain Raja Ram Sahib again got married in 1938. From which Sain Raja Ram Sahib had One Son named as Sain Gobind Ram Sahib and 3 daughters named as Seeta, Shanti & Koshalya.

Sain Raja Ram Sahib Passed two Classes At Gulu Vilage And Started Studying 3rd Standrard At Hayat Pitafi Sahib, The Reason Behind The Changing Of School was Because, The Marriage Ceremony Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib's Sister Was Done At Hayat Pitafi Sahib, So By The Force Of His Sister, Sain Raja Ram Sahib Started Studying At Hayat Pitafi Sahib.

Sain Raja Ram Sahib Came To Hayat Pitafi At The Age Of 8 Years And Used To Live At His Sister's Home. At The Time, Pujniya Mata Sahib Was The Gaddisar Of Shadani Darbar. So, Whenever, Sain Raja Ram Sahib Used To Say To Give Parshad, So Mata Sahib Always Replied "Rajal. ! This Whole Parshad Is Yours", Because Mata Sahib Already Knew That, This Child Will Be The Master Of Gaddi Sahib At Young Age.

After Completing 5 Classes There By The Age Of 11 Years, Sain Raja Sahib Started Learning Hatki Letters At The Shop Of Bhai Deepe Mal. After Completing This, Bhai Jara Ram Came To Mata Sahib And Said, Now, Give Me Permission, So That I Take Raja Ram From Here. By Hearing These Words, Mata Sahib Replied, Bhai Jara Ram, You Have 4 Sons, So Please Lend This One Here Forever. By Hearing This, Bhai Jara Ram Lend His Son "Raja Ram" To Pujniya Mata Sahib.

Sain Raja Ram Sahib Was Also Fond Of Religious Knowledge, For This Purpose, He Estaiblished a Pathshala. "For More Informations Click Here"

Sain Raja Ram Sahib Was The recansration Of Lord Shiv. He Used To Become Happy By Seeing a Guest. Sardar Dadan Khan Lund Came to Take Ashirwad From Sain Raja Ram Sahib By Selecting In Congress.

Sain Raja Ram Sahib, Sat On Shadani Gaddi Sahib In 1932 At 30 Manghar In Evening 6:00pm, By The Age Of 50 Years. In His Childhood, He Intended To Go Haridwar And Shared This Intention With The Panchayat Of Hayat Pitafi Sahib. By Hearing This, Panchayat Members Said To Sain Raja Ram Sahib That Sain! Still You Are In Childhood, In This State, You Should Not Go Far. Then Sain Raja Ram Sahib, Replied, Please Give Me Permission, I Will Be Back Here And Will Be Heavenly Adobe On This Holy Land Of Hayat Pitafi Sahib.

During The Last Pilgrimage Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib On 1st October 1958, His Wife Radhi Bai, Nephew Bhai Vishandass, Son Sain Gobind Ram Sahib And Some Other Followers Were Together. Sain Raja Ram Sahib Went Amratsar And After That Haridwar. During The Last Pilgrimage In India, Sain Raja Ram Sahib Stayed 5 Months in India. By Coming Back Sain Raja Ram Sahib Reached Amratsar On 12th February 1959 And Stayed At Guru Ramdass Sarai Gurdwara.

Sain Raja Ram Sahib Denied Two Times, The Day Of Heavenly Adobe. 1st On 12th February 1959. Sain Raja Ram Sahib Opened His Eyes After Rest At 4:00am And Also Wake Up Other Followers And Said, Dear! Now Give Me Permission, So That I Leave For Sach Khand Because Our Elder Satguru Sain Takht Lal Sahib Hazoori Has Also Heavenly Adopted From This Land. By Hearing These Words, All The Followers Started Weeping And Said, Sain! Please Dont Let Us Weeping In The Other Country, You Have Already Promised To The People Of Hayat Pitafi To Return Towards Them Back. By Hearing This, Sain Raja Ram Sahib Decided To Deny The Day Of Heavenly Adopt. It Was The Request Of His Wife Radhi Bai, Nephew Bhai Vishan Dass, Bhai Dyaldass And Some Other Followers.

After This Last Pilgrimage, Sain Raja Ram Sahib Returned Back To Shadani Darbar On 26th February 1959. After Coming Back, Sain Raja Ram Sahib Decided For Heavenly Adobt After 13 Months On 13 March 1960 And Called All The Followers To Reach Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi Sahib. Sain Raja Ram Sahib Denied Again, The Day Of Heavenly Adopt On 13th March 1960 By the Request Of His One Follower "Bhai Panju Ram From Ghotki" Because There Was The Marriage Ceremony Of His Son, Bhai Shankar Lal. After That Sain Raja Ram Sahib Said To Bhai Panju Ram That, Bhai! You Go Now For The Arrangement Of Your Son's Marriage, I Am again denying The Day Of Heavenly Adopt For One Week. The Marriage Ceremony At The House Of Bhai Panju Ram Was On 16th March 1960. The Groom Father Of Bhai Shankar Lal Became Sain Gobind Ram Sahib.

Sain Raja Ram Sahib Left This World For Heavenly Adopt On 20th March 1960, Sunday At Night 9:35pm By The Age Of 78 Years. Sain Raja Ram Sahib Spent 28 Years On Shadani Gaddi Sahib. The Agni Sanskar Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib Was Done On 21st March 1960 Monday At Evening 6:00pm. The 12th Day Of Heavenly Adoptance Was Done On 4th April 1960 Monday On The Event Of Nomi.

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