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The Name Of 8th Shadani Satguru Is Sain Gobind Ram Sahib. He Was Borin On 25th October 1944 At Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi Sahib.

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib's Father's Name Was Sain Raja Ram Sahib And Mother's Name Was Radhi Bai. Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Got Birth On Wednesday At 4:30am. And The 6th Day Celebration Was Hold On Monday.

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Sat On Shadani Gaddi Sahib On 4th April 1960 On Monday At 6:00pm By The Age Of 15 Years.

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Started Education On The Day Of Thursday By The Age Of 6 Years.Because It  Is The Day Of Teachers "Gurus". The Education Of Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Was Started From Government Primary Girls School Hayat Pitafi Sahib Till The English School.

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Got Married in 1956 With Mata Sundri Bai, The Daughter Of Bhai Rahand Ram From Ghotki. The Weddi Of Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Was Read By Mahraj Mangho Lal. Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Had 5 Sons And 3 Daughter.


1): Yudhishter Lal       2): Bharat Viyaas (Darshan Lal)         3): Satya Varat (Satiwan Lal)
4): Bheesham Lal         5): Ajeet Kumar


1): Susheela Devi         2): Sindhu Devi                                 3): Savitri Devi

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Went To India On 20 April 1969. And Started Living In Raipur. There Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Estaiblished A Huge Shadani Darbar.



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