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The Name Of 9th Shadani Satguru Is Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib. He Was Born On 13 December 1962 At Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi Sahib. His Father's Name was Sain Gobind Ram Sahib And Mother's Name Was Mata Sundri Bai.

Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Started Going To School By The Age Of 5 Years At Government Primary School Hayat Pitafi Sahib On 18th April 1967.

During The 2nd Standard Of Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib, His Name Was Struck Off Because Sain Jan Was Migrating To India. Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Has Done M.Com At Durgah College Raipur In 1985.

Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Uses To Speak Hindi, Sindhi, English,Gurmukhi, And Sanskrit.

Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Sat On Shadani Gaddi Sahib On 5th May 2003 At Noon 1:31pm On The Day Of Monday According To Shadani Sambat On 21st Vesakh 295, By the Age Of 40 Years. Mahraj Teka Lal Thakur, Son Of Prmanand And Shromani Guru Swami Sharona Nand Mahraj Gave Tilk To Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib For Sitting On Shadani Gaddi Sahib. 46 Shadani Followers Took Part On The 12th Day Of Heavenly Adopt Of Sain Gobind Ram Sahib And The Gaddi Sahib Presentation Of Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib In The Leadership Of Bhai Jairam Dass Shadani. The Pilgrims Coming From Pitafin Sahib Reached To Raipur On 5th May 2003.

The Name Of Wife Of Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Is Mata Deepka Devi. Her Father's  Name Is Bhai Relo Ram, He Is The Citizen Of Jaalna (Maharashter) India. Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Was Married On 17th July 1991 On The Day Of Wednesday At Shadani Darbar Sahib Raipur India By The Age Of 29 Years.

Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Has two Sons Named As Adhai Kumar And Satyam Kumar. And Has Two Daughters Named As Kiran And Veerta.

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