During The Days Of 5th Jot "Punjniya Mata Sahib Hasi Devi", Sain Raja Ram Sahib took an important Role in The Services Of Shadani Darbar. Sain Raja Ram Sahib had a great desire about The Religious Education So, He went to a City Of Religious Education named as "Kankhara" in Haridwar for (two-2) years, And Got The Education From there. It is because that In Those Days, It was very difficult to get the Religious Knowledge And The Only city Kankhara was a great base of Religious Education.

After Getting Religious Knowledge from Kankhara, With The Blessigns of Pujniya Mata Sahib Hasi Devi, Sain Raja Ram Sahib kept the base of "Sant Shadaram Sahib Dharmic Pathshala" in 1907. It was the first Hindu Dharmic Pathshala ever Opened in Sindh, And by following This Dharmic Educational Society, Many Religious Educational Societies were Opened in Many Towns and Cities of Sindh.

In This Religious Class, The Education of Hindi, Gurmukhi, Ramayan, Mahabharat, Bhagwat Geeta, History of ten Guru's, Shadani Parkash etc are being taught to the little Children.

In This Religious Place, Every Year Many Papers are Published  in a Good Manner And Those Candidates Who gets Top Positions are awarded The Grand Prizes.

In This Way, Here Every Year Such Programes Of Holi, Janam Ashtami, Diwali & Rakhsha Bandhan are also celebrated with Open Arms.

Keeping In View The Time Period, The 100 years Diamond Jubilee Celebration Of Sant Shadaram Sahib Dharmic Pathshala was also celebrated in October 2007 in the Blessings of Satguru Dev Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib, In Which Many People of Pakistan And about 100 People of India took a great part.
In That Programme, The Candidates Contest was also arranged, In which Many Dharmic Educational Societies of Sindh took part.

Today, After Completing 104 Years, Sant Shadaram Sahib Dharmic Pathshala has continued Its Mission and still giving The Religious Knowledge to The Candidates. This Dharmic Society is also conveying the Religious Knowledge in every part Of Sindh.

From The Days Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib, This Pathshala is still Continued in a well Manner. After Sain Raja Ram Sahib, His Son Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Or Even Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib keep great interest with this Dharmic Educational Society And With their Blessings, This Pathshala has Proved to be Successful in both Present And Past and has great Hope for Future And will keep on spreading the Knowledge.      Jai Shadaram

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