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In 1700, The Ruler Of Sindh Was Ghulam Shah Kalhoro, He Was a Cruel Ruler, And Used To Plan For The Terrible Loss Of Hindus. So, The People Of Mathelo wre The Followers Of "Lord Shiv" And They Used To Pray To Lord Shiv For The Protection Of This Cruel Ruler.

After That, One Of The Followers Sarpanch Saw Lord Shiv In His Dream. So, Lord Shiv Told Him That, I Have Already Got Birth In Lahore Punjab In The Family Of Lohana Khatri. And Will Soon Step Forword To Mathelo For The Welfare And Protection Of Those People.

So, Sain Shadaram Sahib Is Known To Be The Reincarnsation (Roop) Of Lord Shiv By The Name as "Shiv Avtari Sain Shadaram Sahib".

In This Way, Lord Shiv Again Got Birth On This Earth For The Welfare Of People As Sain Shadaram Sahib, Whose Shadani Darbar Is Still Present For The Services Of People And Our Dear Present Gaddisar 9th Jot, Sain Yudhishter Lal Sahib Also Provides Many Facilites To Poor, Needy And Helpless Persons.

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