an image As You Already Know That, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Kept 12 acres Land For Shadani Darbar, As A Beautiful And Brighter Temple Should Be Constructed. And It Can Be Known as Meritorious Darbar In The World And People Should Be comforted. The Work Of Shadani Darbar Was Started On 20 April 1988 Which is Still Continued.

The Overview Of Darbar Is As Following
1. A Compound Wall With The Height Of 8 feet Is Constructed Around 12 Acres Area Of Shadani Darbar.

2. The Area Of 12 Acres Is About Rectangular.

3. On The West-South Side Of Shadani Darbar, There Is a Dhamtri Road And On That Road Is a Gate To Enter In Darbar.

4. Along The Road, About 25 Shops Are Constructed To Darbar And There are 4 Gates, Which are opened to Many Parts Of Darbar.

The Five Gates Are As Following:

(i): Bhagti Duwar:- If You Come From Raipur, Its The 1st Gate. It is The Smallest One. It Opens to Dharamshala.

(ii): Vishnu Duwar:- It is The Second Gate. Its Width Is About 20 Feet. This Gate Opens To Sain's Stay. On Its One Side, It Is The Room Of Security Guard.

(iii): Shiv Duwar:- It Is The Third Gate. Its Width Is 28 Feet And Height Is 18 Feet. Above This Door, Rooms Are Constructed, Where Sain Raja Ram Sahib Primary School Is Going On. On The Both Sides Of Gate, Inside, Rooms Are Constructed, Where Guards Live. It is The Main Gate Of Shadani Darbar. From Which, All The People Enter In Darbar Sahib, This Road Direct Leads to Dhoni Sahib. Its Dome Height Is About 60 Feet.

(iv): Birham Duwar:- It is The 4th Number Gate. It directly Leads to Tulsi Sarowar, And Dukh Bhanjan Vale..!

So, Shadani Darbar Has around 10 Gates. From Which, 4 Gates are mentioned here further six gates are Giyan Duwar, Daya Duwar, Nem Duwar, Ahansa Duwar,Shardha Duwar And Satya Duwar.

If We take the Path Of Shiv Duwar to enter In Darbar, So, Outside Of Gate, 2 Lions with Open Mouths are Standing, Whose Faces Are to Road Side. After Crossing Both The Lions, As We'll Enter From The Shiv Duwar, So At One Wall, The Yudh Of Madabharat Can be Seen, In Which Shree Kirshan Bhagwan Is Driving The Yudh Vehicle Of Arjun Mahraj And It Is Also Written There "Bhagat Jo Saarthi Bhagwan", On The Other Wall It Is Painted That, Shree Ram Chander Mahraj Is Sitting In a Boat And Fisherman Is Driving The Boat And It Is Written That "Bhagwan Jo Saarthi Bhagat". As Anybody Will Enter From Shiv Duwar, A Comforting Music Can be Heard, Which Is for Welcoming The Outsiders. After Crossing The Gate, We Have to Cross The Platforms Of 20 Feet Up And Down, After Which, The Way to Go Darbar Starts, Whose Width Is About 20 Feet And Height Is About 200 Feet, In Which The Vehicle Of Shiv Shankar Bhagwan, Vehicle Of Mata Parvati (Two Tigers), Vehicle Of Birhma, Sarasvti, Vishnu Bhagwan And Laxmi Devi Can be Seen. On The Way Of length 200 Feet, The Seven Fountains Are Made. One Of Them Is consists Of Sat Deep, Which Is For Representation Of All The Saints, From which The Prarthna "Pirtham Satguru Shadaram Ke Charan Kamal Sirnao" Can Be Seen. From The 2nd Fountain, The Voice Of "Jai Shadaram" can be Heard. From The 3rd Fountain, The Voice Of Sankh Can be Heard. From The 4th Fountain, The Voice Of "Om" Can Be Heard. From The 5th Fountain, The Sweet Voice Can be Heard. In This Way, From All The Fountains, Different Voices Can Be Heard, Which are Very Enjoyable For The Visitors And The Water Also Flows From Those..!

200 Feet Heighted And 20 Feet Width Way, Which Makes Happy To The Hearts Of Every People, After That The Platform Made Out Of Darbar Starts, Which is One Step Higher Than Way, Its Length Is 40 Feet, And Width Is 83 Feet. Which Is Made Up Of White Marble, On That Ground, Another Fountain Is Constructed, On Which Lord Shiv Is Seen By Sitting On Kailash Mountain And Two Ladders Lead To the Upper Hall. After That, A Virandah Is Constructed to Enter In Darbar, Whose Width Is 83 Feet And Length Is 20 Feet. After Entering In Shiv Duwar, Including Virandah, The Distance Of 300 Feet Can Be Crossed. In That Virandah, Outside 3 Doors Are Constructed. The 2 Dwar Pal Chitar Are Made In The Central Door. In The Inner Wall Of Virandah 2 more Doors are Constructed Like the Outer 3 Doors. Those Both Doors Open In Darbar Sahib. The Beautifulness Of Darbar Sahib Is Out To Explain. That Hall's Width Is 40 Feet And Length Is 120 Feet. In The Southern Part Of That Hall, The Rooms Are Constructed, In Which The Saints Of Proper Persons Can Live. In The Northern Side, The Rooms For the Stay Of Guests Are Constructed And A Room For The Rest Of Sain Jan Is Also Constructed. Where The Hall Ends, There Is a Room Of Dhoni Sahib Of Sain Shada Ram Sahib. The Room Of Dhoni Sahib Is Constructed Acutely Infront Of Shiv Duwar. It Means, A Man Standing In The Room Of Dhoni Sahib Can See The Other Man Standing At The Distance Of 400 Meter On Road. And That Man Can Also See The Dhoni Sahib from Road. The Room Of Dhoni Sahib And Hall Of Darbar Sahib Are Completely Decorated With Colourful Mirrors Or Glasses, In Which The Homes Of Saints Are Made. In The Hall Of Darbar Sahib, Above The Nearing Rooms, A Big Huge Hall Is Constructed, Whose Length Is 140 feet And Width Is 80 Feet, Whose Building And Outside Gate Connects By Having Garden In Center. Various Flowers Are Grown Around. Around That Garden, The Mandars Of Saints And Rishis Are Constructed. On The Ground Outside The Darbar Sahib, Vairat Saroop Is Constructed Whose Height Is 35 Feet. Infront Of Ground, Many Religious Spots Are Present. e.g: The Flowing Of Ganga At The Forehead Of Lord Shiv, Chitr Of Birhma, Tulsi Sarowar, Dukh Bhanjan Vale, And Plots Of Universities And Colleges Etc. In The Ground Of Darbar Sahib, 450 Trees Of Almonds Are Grown.

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