Shadani Follwer, Bhai Satram Dass, According To The Order Of Sain Gobind Ram Sahib, Got The Plot For The Construction Of Shadani Darbar And Started The Whole Work Of Construction.

After The Construction Of Shadani Darbar, Bhai Satram Dass According To The Daily Rites Of Shadani Darbar, Started The Whole Worship Deed Like Jap Sahib In The Morning, Sukhmani Sahib And Asa Di War. After That The Tukri Sahib Was Distributed.

In Evening, Rahras Sahib, Katha Kirtan And Singing Of Bhajans Were Also Done. Many Follower Of City Pindra And From Other Cities Started Coming To Darbar.

On The Other Side, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Left Pakistan On 20 April 1969 And Reached To Shadani Darbar Pindra On 24th April 1969. The News Of Reaching Of Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Was Spread In Every Part Of Those Cities, Where Shadani Followers Used To live, For Which Many Followers Started Coming To Shadani Darbar Raipur. The Service Of Guests Was Going On In The Best Way, But The Little Building Of Shadani Darbar Was Not Able For Stay Of Many People.

On Any Event Either Warsi Sahib Or Birth Anniversary Due To Lending Of Many Followers, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Felt Difficulty For Their Stay, Even The People Of Pindra Also Used To Book Their Homes For The Stay Of Guests. Many People Also Used To Come To Request Sain Gobind Ram Sahib That Sain Please Write The Names Of Our Homes For Stay Of Guests In Your List, But Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Provided This Duty To Panchayati Persons.

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Was Not Only Dependable Upon This, But His Thought Was High. They Intended That The Abundance Of Followers Of Sain Shadaram Sahib Is Very High So Shadani Darbar's Building Must Also Be High.

By This Thought, 10 Kilometers Away From Raipur Beside The Dhamtri Road, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Bought A Huge Plot, From Which, He Fixed 12 Acres Land For Shadani Darbar And Remaining Other For The Stay Colony.

It is always Said That, Where These Saints Step, There Jungle Can Also Be The Brighter. In This Way, Where No Any Symbol Of Man Was Found, Now There Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Constructed Shadani Darbar On 20 January 1985 By Standing Himself There.

Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Thought That The Shadani Darbar Must Be Constructed In A Beautiful Way, So That Any People Who Come Here, Should Be Happy From This Darbar. Now, Its Also Like That, Many People From India As Well As From Other Countries Come To Visit Shadani Darbar.

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