The Holy Symbol, Which Sain Shadaram Sahib, Left for The Welfare Of His Followers Was Shadani Dhoni Sahib.

Dhoni Sahib Is One Of Those Sacred Things, Which Protects The People From All Sorts Of Sorrows And Worries.

Sain Shadaram Sahib, Said That Anyone Who will apply Dhoni Sahib On His Forehead Or Drink Water By Mixing In it, Will Be Free From All Sorts Of Sorrows As Well As Sufferings.
So, Shadani Followers Have Full Faith Upon Dhoni Sahib, They apply Dhoni Sahib On Their Foreheads Daily And Pass a Happy And Peaceful Day.
Dhoni Sahib Also Takes Important Role In The Little Temple Of People's Homes.Dhoni Sahib Can Be Found Here Of Two Saints.

1): Shiv Shankar Bhagwan

2): Sain Shadaram Sahib

So, It Will Not be wrong To Say That, Dhoni Sahib Is The Perfect Medicine Of All Sufferings.

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