The System Of Roat Was Started From 1708. It is also Sacred Thing Like Dhoni Sahib.

It Consists Of Some wheat type Ingredients, and the Yellow Type In Colour.

It is Distributed In All The Persons And Consider to Be The "Parshad" Of Shadani Darbar.

Roat Sahib Is Made In The Temples Of 4 Saints As Following:

1): Shiv Shankar Bhagwan

2): Shree Hanuman Ji

3): Mata Sheran Wali

4): Sain Shadaram Sahib

Roat Sahib Is Prepared On Such Main Events Like, Moon Day, Birthday Celebration Of Saints Etc.

Some Other Occassions On Which Roat Sahib Is Prepared Are Mentioned Below:\

Shiv Ratri: This Is The Occassion Of Lord Shiv, Celebrated For 3 Days In Shiv Mandir..!

Teyanti Of Hanuman Ji: On This Occassion, Roat Sahib Is Also Prepared Due To The Birth day Of Hanuman.

Nau Ratri:Roat Sahib Is Prepared On This Day, Due To The 9th Fasting Of Mata Sheran Wali.

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