The Love, Which was Present In the People For Sain Gobind Ram Sahib was Observed By Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Himself. In This Way, The Services, Love And Kind Words Of People Of Pakistan Was Not Forgotten By Sain Gobind Ram Sahib after Migrating To India. The Response Which He Got from Pakistan, was Always Fresh In The Heart Of Sain Gobind Ram Sahib, That Was the Reason, On Which Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Had to Think a Way, Through Which, The People Of Pakistan And India Keep On Meeting With Each Other, Their Love Should Be increased And Thousands Of Relatives Have a Chance to Meet With Each Other.

Blessings On These Saints, Who always Think About Others, Work For Others And Bear All Pains For Others. Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Thought that As the Sikhs Are Coming And Going As a Shape Of Crowd From Pakistan, Why Not The Crowd Of Hindus Should Also Be Allowed From Government. As Pakistani Hindus Can Visit Tirath Asthans Of India. In This Way, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Stamped With Government. After a Long Time, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Was Promoted For Shadani Yatra For a Fixed Limit Of Persons From Pakistan. In This way, From 1978, The Crowd Consists Of Some People Started Visiting India And Pakistan.

The Crowds Were Kept On Visitng, Other Side, Sain Gobind Ram Sahib also Kept On doing His Best Efforts For Increasing The Number Of Persons, As Many People Can Visit India And Crowd Should Also Visit Forever In Future As The System Of Yatra (Visiting) can not Be Stoped. For Which, The Stamps Of Both The Governments Were Needed And Sain Gobind Ram Sahib Also Struggled For This Work.

Finally, That Day Also Came On Which Both The Governments Accepted To Allow The Crowd Of Hindus For Teerath Yatra. Finally, On 2 February 1983 In Delhi, Pakistan's That time's Prime Minister Mr: Agha Shahi, And Indian Prime Minister Mr: P-V Nirsamaraho Signatured About This Matter, After That The Crowds From India to Pakistan And Pakistan To India Started Coming For Shadani Yatra.

Indians Crowd Of Pilgrims Arrives At Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi In October Every Year On The Birthday Event Of Sain Shadaram Sahib. And The Pakistanis Crowd Of Pilgrims Departures For Shadani Darbar Raipur India In March Every Year for The Death Anniversary Of Sain Raja Ram Sahib, Alongthat The Crowds Also Visits The Teerath Asthans Of That Country.

In Pakistan, Pilgrims Visit Shadani Darbar Hayat Pitafi,After That Mathelo Darbar, Jog Mata Asthan Adilpur, Punjniya Mata Sahib Janam Asthan Khanpur, Shree Sadhu Bela Teerath Asthan Sukkur, Sain Chandoo Ram Darbar Ghotki, Sain Bhoja Ram Darbar Daharki And Finally Baba Heera Nand Darbar Mirpur Mathelo And Returns Back to India.

In This Way, In India, Pilgrims Visit Shadani Darbar Raipur India, After That Amar Kantak Nagpur, Shadani Darbar Amravati, Jal Gaan, Nasak, Mumbai, Hoshangabad, Gwalyar, Mathra, Bandraban, Ayodhiya, Haridwar, Ujyan, Chatar Kot Vishno Devi Mandar, Krokhetar, And Many Other Cities, Finally Returns Back To Pakistan.

The Above Mentioned Places Are not Visited In Year, Because The Routes Of all The Places Are Different, So A list Is made for The Places, Which Are On Same Route.

On Day, Pakistan Pilgrims Went In South At Kalera In India. On That Route Pakistanis Had to Face a Difficulty For Management.

In This Way, Shadani Yatra Is Still Continued And Hope That In Future It Will Be Continued And Many People Will Meet Their Relatives And Will Share Happinesses..!


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